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SX Hall 110 Alu...

SX Hall 110 Aluminum Tripod with special color matching and mounting head for Sphinx Mount (only -- not for GP).

SPHINX Accessories

SX HAL110 Aluminum Tripod

The SX HAL110 tripod for SPHINX mount provides ample stability and has no “wobble” points in its design. The new SX HAL110 has a larger base to carry the SX mount. Tripod height to top of base ranges from 24.75" to 38" (legs extend from 70cm to 110cm). This is the only field tripod offered for the SX mount.

Model # MT-SX-2513            Weight: 4.75 kg / 10.5 lbs

Blow-out $191.00!    Was $295.00    [How to Purchase]

Recommended Accessories

See accessory pages for more info.

Star Book Screen Cover

If original Star Book is too bright at the lowest setting, these neutral density filters placed over the screen will dim it further. They come in a pair (can be stacked) and are held over the screen with included removable sticky tabs.

Model # AM-SS-2529            

Blow-out $5.00!    Was $10.00    [How to Purchase]

Sphinx Plug for AM-AC-3599 AC Adapter

Allows Vixen AM-AC-3599 12V/3amp AC adapter to power Sphinx/Star Book. Converts tip negative “M-plug” (5.5mm OD / 2.1mm ID) to tip positive EIAJ-04 (5.5mm OD / 3.4mm ID / 1.0mm Center Pin). Also adds 67"/171cm of extension.

Model # AM-AC-2537            

Blow-out $13.00!    Was $22.00    [How to Purchase]

Sphinx power ad...

Sphinx power adapter AM-AC-2537.

SX Battery Case

Has SPHINX (SX) mount power connector. Takes 8 D-cell batteries.Can be adopted for other mounts.

Model # AM-OO-2536            

Blow-out $26.00!    Was $40.00    [How to Purchase]

SX Battery Case...

SX Battery Case

SX Counterweight Shaft Unit

Used in combination with the SX Dec. Axis Clamp unit to hold counterweights on the counterweightless version of the SPHINX mount (MT-SX-2501) .

Model # AM-OO-2574            Weight: 700 grams / 24.7 oz

Blow-out $70.00!    Was $90.00    [How to Purchase]

Technical Documents and Notes

  Vixen "SX" Mount

brochure in printable form. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  Vixen "SX" Mount Images

of the Sphinx and Star Book in the field.

  Vixen "SX" Mount Instruction Manual

Covers setup of the "SX" mount, installation of finder, flip mirror usage, Star Book configuration, alignment, object selection, Goto and LAN connection. This manual is supplied with every mount and mount package. 17.1 Mb. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  Vixen "SX" Polar Axis Scope Instruction Manual

Sphinx mount Polar Scope installation and usage in Northern and Southern hemispheres. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  Time Zone and Meridian Offset

reference information for setup of Goto controllers and Polar axis scopes. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  Star Book Updates and Troubleshooting

available now!

  Star Book Autoguider

Technical Notes.

  SPHINX / STAR BOOK Best Practices for TheSky6

contains step-by-step instructions for setting up your SPHINX mount to be controlled by Software Bisque's TheSky6 program. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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