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Vixen SX “Sphinx” German Equatorial Mount

 Smart design features allow the SX to have a lower system mass than its Vixen GP-DX brethren, while carrying the same 26.5-lb load.

o The location of the R.A. and Dec. motors places their mass where needed most: on the Dec. axis opposite the optical tube. Result: reduced or eliminated need for more counterweight.

o Any additional counterweights ride on an adjustable weight shaft that slides into the mount for storage, easy transportation and avoidance of collision with tripod legs at low latitude.

 The reduced rotational momentum of the mount has benefits for precise tracking control and power consumption.

 Swiftly slew to targets at 1200x Sidereal speed or do fine guiding via the 180-tooth worm-gears on R.A. and Dec. axis.

 Lockable altitude and azimuth controls allow for fine positional placement of the mount. Alignment with the available Polar Axis scope eliminates field-rotation in long-exposure photography.

 Employs the standard quick-mounting Vixen dovetail system in use world-wide.

 The SX sits on a new customized and color-matched version of the rock-steady Vixen HAL 110 tripod or a unique table-top stand for casual observers.

 Vixen Star Book LCD Computer Controller

 This is a dedicated light-weight hand control supplied with all SX mounts. It is also stand-alone capable for observation planning.

 World’s 1st LCD-Screen computerized hand controller with true star chart display for visual “go-to” target selection. It features:

o Large 4.7” diagonal easy-to-read (320 x 240 pixel with 4096 colors) high-contrast display.

o Zoomable display presents your current sky for target selection.

o A 22,725 object map including 17,635 stars. “Go-to” database that includes position and text description of Messier, NGC, IC objects.

o Menu of targets above the horizon.

o Easy push-button celestial navigation in Equatorial or Alt/Azim mode.

o Motor slewing speed is sensitive to sky chart zoom setting — making this a great platform for visual tracking as well as digital or film imaging.

This sophisticated system is powered by a 75MHz, 32bit RISC CPU with 8MB SDRAM memory and 4MB Flash ROM for instructions.

 Flash ROM allows system functionality upgrades through the standard RJ-45 LAN connector.

 Single cable connects Star Book to SX mount to reduce cord tangling.


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