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Metal Tripod

GP-Series tripo...

GP-Series tripod comparison with legs retracted.

GP-Series tripo...

GP-Series tripod head (shown in green).

AL90 tripod (gr...

AL90 tripod (green-trim) shown supporting fork mounted binocular.

HAL110 tripod (...

HAL110 tripod (white-trim) shown supporting GP-D2 mounted refractor.

GP-series tripods are designed to carry Vixen Great Polaris-series mounts and Vixen Fork mounts with half-pillar. The GP-series includes the GP, GP-D(X), GP-E, GP-D2, and GP2 equatorial mounts.

While every tripod here will fit any Vixen GP-series and Vixen Fork mount half-pillar, the short AL90 tripod is recommended for mounts carrying reflectors and the Vixen Fork mount with half-pillar. The heavy-duty HAL110 tripod is great for any scope that requires added stability; it is the best mount to handle the greater weight capacity of the GP-D(X) / GP-D2 mounts.

GP mounts can not carry Sphinx heads. The tripod head has a 60mm diameter depression that is 20mm deep with a M10x1.5 tightening center bolt.

AL90 Aluminum Tripod for GP-series (green)

Vertical height adjustment with spread legs to top of base is 19.75" to 31.5" / 50cm to 80cm. (Legs extend from 24.5" to 35.5" / 62cm to 90cm.)

Model # AM-TP-3801            Weight: 3 kg / 6.6 lbs

Blow-out $157.00!    Was $225.00    [How to Purchase]

HAL110WT Aluminum Tripod for GP-series (white)

Vertical height adjustment with spread legs to top of base is 25.25" to 38.75" / 64cm to 98.5cm. (Legs extend from 27.5" to 43.5" / 70cm to 110cm.)

Model # AM-TP-3893            

Blow-out $225.00!    Was $320.00    [How to Purchase]

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