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Who We Are

Approaching 60-years in business, Vixen is a high-quality optics and mount producer based in Japan. From the classic 80M refractor to the high-tech SPHINX mount, the astronomical line is well regarded for visual and imaging use. Birders will appreciate that Vixen birding binoculars and field scopes have won several awards in design-conscience Japan.

While Vixen has been exporting products to the North American market for decades, Vixen North America was first to introduce the product line under the Vixen name in 2002. As your Vixen importer for 5-years, we had the pleasure of introducing many new Vixen products to the astronomical and birding consumer.

Tele Vue Optics and Vixen Japan have agreed to end the exclusive distribution of Vixen products through the Vixen North America (VNA) division of Tele Vue Optics. Vixen North America will continue to offer its available stock, covered by the Vixen warranty.

We hope the wholesale prices here will allow you to step-up to Vixen quality.

Enjoy great Vixen equipment and Clear Skies!

ó Vixen North America Direct Staff

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